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Barrett Dilger's roots on the web.

tree photo


Creatively Finding Solutions Daily

It really is an art. Applying creative energy into practical and tangible actions.
Possibly a new process at work, or maybe how to communicate something to my kids. There is always a new challenge. Maybe on the horizon, maybe in your face, maybe growing smaller in the rear view mirror. Getting to wrestle with it is a gift.
Life changes daily, I'm not afraid to change with it.


I look at my life and I think I rolled a seven on a six sided die...

It's an odd statement, but I feel like I have seen the other 6 sides and am now discovering additional sides of the die.
At every turn there is something new.

Some Sillyness With My Family

Walking the Japanese Village Plaza

Japanese Village Plaza, Los Angeles

Actually taking a family photo (care of Rena Durham Photography)

Family Photo

Plush enough to bury yourself in.

Giant Teddy Bear

The woman I am slowly growing old with.

My Beautiful Wife

Great View from Birdoswald along Hadrian's Wall.

Birdoswald Scenery

The greatest compliment drawn on one of my consulting checks.

I am Superman

Goofing off along our hike.

Climbing like Spider-Man

It's almost like she likes me or something.

Loving Wife

She drew me a face on my orange. I drew one back.

Fighting Oranges

I stop everything when I hear her play.

Acoustic Guitar

I think this goes through the looking glass (The Last Bookstore)

Book Tunnel

Errosion study at Stoney Pointe

Rock Shapes

Yeah...another tree

Climbing a tree

Bougainvilleas in South Beach

Beautiful Flowers

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals
Henry David Thoreau

Some Sillyness With My Family

Promo Flier for a Bible Study on Romans

Bible Study Flier

Brochure page for Spraytex Drywall Texture

Spraytex Pamphlet

Ad Hoc flier for Resident Evil 5. Made quickly from web assets.

Sales Flier

Beauty shot for Empress Essentials Candles

Candle Shot

Playing with concepts for an Assassin's Creed shirt design

AC Design

Okay, I just like lemonade.

Dilger Lemonade

Testing some distressed effects in a goofy way

Zombie BBQ

Custom video game box art for Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3

Designs with vectors

Toy Story

Custom box art for Uncharted 2

Uncharted 2

Say Hello

I don't really do the social media thing. I mean, I have accounts...because I don't live under a rock... but that isn't the primary way I keep in contact with people.
So if you want to connect professionally, definitely connect on LinkedIn.
But my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and SnapChat are used in such small percentages and in private manners.
Go ahead and connect with me there if you already know me.

Otherwise just shoot me a note through email at (I know, I'm such a dinosaur)